How Do You Persist With A Sugar Baby Without Being Annoying - Part 2

Following the  part 1, how can you stick with a sugar doll without being annoying?

How Do You Persist With A Sugar Baby Without Being Annoying - Part 2

Don't use annoying language in your text messages.
Don't complain loudly about your partner's bad behavior in your text message. Remember, you use sweetness to catch more bees, as well as sugar babies.

What are you doing now? I know you're off work.
You know what? This kind of information is maddening. What if sugar baby sent you the same message? Such a message will only tell her that you are a control freak or mentally unstable. If this happens, I strongly recommend discussing it with a counselor or dating coach. Continuing on this path will not bring you the love you desire.

Why don't you ever answer me back?
Saying bad things out loud will make sugar babies think you're annoying or not sexy at all. No sugar baby wants to be blamed. While you may be upset that she didn't respond, don't always assume she did it on purpose.

My advice is that you should learn to assume whatever is best for you to avoid getting frustrated with a fallible assumption. Why assume she's deliberately ignoring you when the belief itself can lower your confidence? Instead, think that something interrupted her and made the message go undelivered, or that a thief stole her phone, or something else that doesn't have a negative impact on your confidence. Believe it or not, sometimes ignorance or a little narcissism can help.

How could you not text me back?
This information shows that you are desperate for her attention, which is not sexy. If you're worried that she won't return your texts, you need to find your next sugar baby date. After all, there's no rule against dating different people at the same time. Instead, it can distract you, boost your confidence, and prevent you from becoming dependent.

How to stick to sugar baby while texting?
Stick to language in your messages to sugar baby. Here are a few examples and why they work.

You seem different than other women I’ve met. I want to meet you in person. Come to Dolores Park Saturday at 2 and we'll see if you're as adventurous as you seem.
Why does it work? Saying "I want to know you" is different from saying "let's be satisfied" because it doesn't make any assumptions about her interest. A more powerful message is saying "I want to see you" because it states your idea without any assumptions and puts the ball clearly on her court. Then add a date and place and she will definitely say yes because of your confidence.

I want to see what kind of girl you are.
Why does it work? Because the message is powerful and simple. Express what kind of girl you want to see, give your statement an external focus, and speak directly to the recipient. The message also subtly challenges her to come to you because it doesn't have the insecurities of "I think you're perfect" or "you're beautiful."

You're not complimenting her by saying you want to see what she's like. Instead, you're conveying the fact that you're interested in seeing if you like her. On the other hand, if you think you already have a crush on her, or think she's beautiful and perfect, you're expressing desperation because you don't know her yet.

I want to meet you in person.
Why does it work? The reason is simple, because it's simple and honest. Directly showing your confidence that you are not afraid to pursue what you want in life is a very attractive quality.

I want to take you on a date.
Why does it work? Because such information directly shows your confidence. Expressing your needs with confidence shows that you have a healthy way to communicate. Those who fail to communicate their needs to others simply fail to get what they want out of life. In addition, when you can't articulate your needs, you will gradually become resentful of others because they can't give you what you want.

I want to see what you are like in person.
Why does it work? Because it's true, and you're on to something. After all, you didn't sign up for sugar daddy dating apps to spend hours sitting alone at home texting sugar babies you'll never see. So don't be afraid to be direct.

Have a policy when using messaging.
If it takes three days for your potential sugar baby to text back to you, the last thing you want to do is reply to her the moment she texts you. In that case, wait a few hours before texting her back. Remember, if you have a "receive" message on your phone, then you should not open the text message, otherwise, she will see you open the text message.

Be prepared to overcome her objections.
If you ask her to meet at 6pm, but she says she's busy at 6pm, try another time. If she can't accept your date, take a rain check. Always have plans B and C ready so that you can be prepared to overcome predictable objections.

At the same time, you want to be good at selling your sugar babies so that they sound like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I often teach my clients how to do this in more detail, but let's keep it simple here. You should try to override her objection at least three times before she raises it. Most female sugar babies subconsciously test sugar daddies to see if they are persistent enough to get what they want. In other words, sugar baby wants a sugar daddy with courage, and persistence is the proof of this valuable quality.

I hope this short guide to sticking with sugar baby has pointed you in the right direction. Remember, the main difference between persistence and despair is managing your mindset. Don't point out bad behavior when texting or following up. Turn off your notifications. Doing so will help you control your mindset. Express your needs and intentions directly and transparently. Don't try to beat around the bush. When you feel needy or desperate, consciously shift your focus, contact friends and family, and schedule a fun activity. Anticipate her objections and be prepared to overcome them with a solid backup plan.

If you're still not successful after all this preparation, that's not your problem, and maybe you need to turn to the next sugar daddy dating app for an arrangement.

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