How Do You Persist With A Sugar Baby Without Being Annoying - Part 1

Want to learn how to stick with a sugar baby without being annoying when you meet a sugar baby who isn't interested in you? You've come to the right place. In the world of sugar daddy dating sugar baby, there's a fine line between persistence and despair. Being too clingy will scare sugar baby away, but being too cold will make her forget you.

How Do You Persist With A Sugar Baby Without Being Annoying - Part 1

So in this article, we will discuss the difference between perseverance and despair. I'll show you examples of annoying messaging and compare them to more persistent messaging examples. You'll also learn some persistence techniques to keep your mind in a positive and controlled state. We'll discuss how to consistently end a compelling sugar date. Also, you'll learn how to act confident without being annoying. Finally, we'll discuss the common mistakes sugar daddies make that make them seem desperate, and how to avoid them.

Now, without further ado, let's take a look at the many ways to avoid becoming a climber while also showing your perseverance. First, let's discuss the difference between persistence and despair:

How to stick with a sugar baby
Adhere to a predictable and reproducible rhythm, despair is not. Despair is different from persistence because it stems from the need to control others. Feeling out of control can trigger an anxious, attached person to become poor, needy, or even violent.

The persistence formula for messaging
I often give sugar daddies some helpful advice on sugar daddy dating sites, and when guiding them on how to get sugar baby to respond on the dating app, I follow a consistent rule: send at least three messages before you quit: the initial message, the follow-up message, and the last message.

If you can, follow up at least three times. Perhaps in a business event some sales person will tell you to follow up more than 5 times, if you are tracking your promotion and see a good return on your time investment, then this method works. Three approaches are always the best payoff for me, and I've been using this strategy effectively for years, whether in dating or business.

Initial message
My suggestion is to start by sending an initial message to a sugar baby you're interested in. And that message should echo something emotionally compelling about her sugar baby profile. Then keep a sentence and end it with a question. Once your message has been sent, give her time to respond. I think it usually takes 48 hours to get a response. If you still don't hear back after 48 hours, which happens 70-90% of the time, you can send a follow-up message.

Remember: never assume that no response means no interest. There are hundreds of reasons why sugar babies don't respond, many of which have nothing to do with you. Don't give up at the beginning, persistence is very important.

Follow-up message
In subsequent messages, keep it super simple and never point out bad behavior by saying, "you never responded."A follow-up message is a quick reminder to get her to read your first message and respond. Although your subsequent message is usually lower than the return value of the original message, the purpose is to leave enough time between the original message and the last message and remind the other person.

Last message
Finally, if you get no response after sending the initial message and the follow-up, you can send the last message 48 hours after your follow-up message. Remember, give them some time, too, so it's important to wait 48 hours before sending a follow-up message.

Tip for persistence: turn off notifications
As we all know, the wait is long and painful. So, instead of sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for her to respond, wait for her to respond before you reach for your phone, put yourself on the ticket, and turn off your notifications. This allows you to control your sugar daddy dating app instead of letting it constantly mess with your mind. Come back once a day and respond to your schedule, not someone else's. Doing so shows your value and makes you seem harder to get.

This strategy isn't about playing the game, it's about controlling your mind. Set up a 30-minute window for your sugar daddy dating app during your most confident time of day. Try adding a recurring calendar event to your dating app time every morning after drinking coffee, lifting weights, or eating breakfast.

Examples of desperate information

Send her long letters
If you send a sugar baby a long letter over and over again, even if she barely responds or doesn't respond at all, it's a sign of desperation.

Why doesn't it work
Any healthy relationship requires equal interest and investment. If you're sending long text, chances are you're dominating the conversation in other ways, too. It's a bit selfish not to ask questions that require thoughtful answers. This type of conversation is boring because it adds no value to the other person's life.

Constantly calling a sugar baby
Or you're constantly calling a sugar baby, trying to figure out the answer from countless phone calls and conjuring her into saying it's not persistence, it's desperation.

Why doesn't it work
Repeated calls to a sugar baby indicate insecurity and a desire for control. This behavior shows a lack of confidence and an inability to understand what might happen to sugar baby. Showing this behavior also suggests future control, manipulation, or violence.

In essence, both of these desperate messages will let her see the writing on the wall in any future relationship. Not being able to control yourself means mental instability, which is one of sugar baby's most annoying traits.

Send love letters too early
When sugar baby asks you to stop writing love letters, it's desperation, not persistence.

Why doesn't it work
When sugar baby asks you to stop doing something polite, continuing to do something that makes her uncomfortable won't win you more love. One of the most powerful conversation skills is listening and staying focused during the conversation. Thinking only about what you're going to say next, or what you want from the conversation, is a one-way street that is bound to lead to failure.

Moreover, if you do so too early, she is right to doubt your sincerity. Is it because you fell in love with her so quickly? Is it true? Or something else? What can happen is an insecure attachment style, the anxious attachment style.

Want to know more? Ok, let's move on to the part 2 of this article !

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